Sajutos kā akrtise no 20. gadiem, un vainīga ir mana jaunā frizūra. 
No tā arī radās brīžiem pārspīlētās pozas un fotosesijas nosaukums.

I felt like an actress from the 20th century 20`s, and that's fault of my new haircut.
That's also where my strange poses and the name on photo-shoot came.

Total outfit cost: few euros
Dress: thrift shop, 75 cents
Leggings: Amoralle, a gift
Shoes: Lilimill, a gift
Bracelets: Ebay, Promod and gifts
Collar: Vintage
Bag: DABUGA, piece made by my boyfriend David (in the picture)

Foto: Viesturs Ozoliņš